Dutch for Foreigners

Living and working in multilingual Brussels or in a Flemish municipality in the outskirts of Brussels, that's much more fun if you understand and speak Dutch!

Are you new to Belgium and wanting to integrate yourself, or did you study Dutch in the past but have already forgotten a lot?

Our center offers Dutch courses

  • at 10 different levels
  • from 1x to 5x per week
  • Monday to Friday: morning, afternoon, evening, as well as on Saturday morning
  • at different speed (accelerated, extended, normal route), with new courses starting almost every month. So did you just miss the launch of a course? Do not panic!
  • in class and/or at home via e-learning

Are you a beginner? Choose Dutch Breakthrough.

Not sure where to start? 

  1. Test your level here first.
  2. Then enrol in a course which matches the entry level indicated by the test.
  3. During the first lesson, the teacher checks whether you were placed in the correct level. If your actual level is higher or lower than what the test indicated, the teacher will help you find a module which will suit you better.

CVO Semper strongly favours a personal approach to every student in our courses.
To achieve this, we make use of a personalized study path counselling system.

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Are you a student of CVO Semper and would you like to practice the language even more with someone? Then join the taalTANDEM!

Het ga je goed, Lydia!

Het ga je goed, Lydia!

Binnenkort gaat adjunct campusdirecteur Lydia Trap met pensioen. Ze blikt terug op een mooie en rijke carrière bij CVO Semper.

Infokrant Meise publiceerde al een artikel in haar decembernummer, en hier kan je het volledige interview lezen.

Dutch Screening in Jette

Dutch Screening in Jette

Do you want to learn Dutch in Jette?
Welcome to our weekly screening moments!