A Polish course at CVO Semper: What? Where? When?

Cultural cities, a rich heritage, rugged mountains, lovely lakes. Poland has it all. Moreover, more and more fellow countrymen have Polish business contacts. So why not choose a Polish course at CVO Semper? A first exploration in a beginner's course? There you learn to stand your ground in everyday situations. If you have learned Polish before, you will of course go for more nuance and assertiveness in an advanced course.

An online entrance test determines your level instantly. Just choose where you want to follow the lessons. Do you want to follow the course entirely on campus? Or perhaps you would prefer a blended learning method where, in addition to face-to-face lessons, you also regularly practise at home online? Your choice.

A course during the day or in the evening: you decide that too.

So go get your diary and block off a few hours a week for a new challenge - one in which you not only learn to speak, listen, write and read in Polish: in each lesson you get a glimpse of Polish culture, tradition and current events. Learning Polish at CVO Semper: an exciting adventure full of variety and couleur locale, in a motivating learning environment!

Do widzenia! (Bye!)

If you don't have any prior knowledge, Polish 1 is the right place for you.

Not sure where to start? 

  1. Test your level here first.
  2. Then enrol in a course which matches the entry level indicated by the test.
  3. During the first lesson, the teacher checks whether you were placed in the correct level. If your actual level is higher or lower than what the test indicated, the teacher will help you find a module which will suit you better.

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