A course at CVO Semper? What? Where? When?

Fancy an exciting French adventure? Lay a nice foundation in a beginners' course? Do more with those expressions which got somewhat rusty over the years? Or aim for more nuance and assertiveness in an advanced course?

An online entrance test determines your level instantly. Just choose where you want to follow the lessons. Do you want to follow the course entirely on campus? Or perhaps you would prefer a blended learning method where, in addition to face-to-face lessons, you also regularly practise at home online? Your choice.

A course during the day or in the evening: you decide that too.

So go get your diary and block off those few hours per week for a refreshingly modern curriculum. Learning to write and speak French doesn't have to be a mind-numbing puzzle. And what could be a more wonderful way to get into the holiday mood than singing along with the songs of Stromae or Aznavour on the Autoroute du Soleil?

If you don't have any prior knowledge, French 1 is the right place for you.

Not sure where to start? 

  1. Test your level here first.
  2. Then enrol in a course which matches the entry level indicated by the test.
  3. During the first lesson, the teacher checks whether you were placed in the correct level. If your actual level is higher or lower than what the test indicated, the teacher will help you find a module which will suit you better.

Eager to know more? Click on a course.

Get inspired

Het ga je goed, Lydia!

Het ga je goed, Lydia!

Binnenkort gaat adjunct campusdirecteur Lydia Trap met pensioen. Ze blikt terug op een mooie en rijke carrière bij CVO Semper.

Infokrant Meise publiceerde al een artikel in haar decembernummer, en hier kan je het volledige interview lezen.



Are you a student of CVO Semper and would you like to practice the language even more with someone? Then join the taalTANDEM!

"Afstuderen en meteen een fijne job vinden, dat is echt leuk."

"Afstuderen en meteen een fijne job vinden, dat is echt leuk."

Infokrant van Gemeente Meise maakte een mooi portret van Elodie en Ghaitree die afstudeerden als zorgkundige.