A Portuguese course at CVO Semper: What? Where? When?

Do you know what the word "lusophone" means? A hint: there are about 230 millions of them all over the planet, and after a year of learning Portuguese with Semper you can have a nice little chat with them... But maybe you learned Portuguese in the past, and need to bring new life to structures which had grown somewhat stiff over the years? Then you can become a full-fledged lusophone in a Portuguese course for upper intermediate or advanced students.

An online entrance test determines your level instantly. Just choose where you want to follow the lessons. Do you want to follow the course entirely on campus? Or perhaps you would prefer a blended learning method where, in addition to face-to-face lessons, you also regularly practise at home online? Your choice.

A course during the day or in the evening: you decide that too.

So go get your diary and block off a few hours for a learning experience not unlike a feast full of music. You will fall in love with the sounds of this trendy language, and be carried away by the warm elegance of Portugal and Brazilian vitality.

Boa sorte! (Good luck!)

If you don't have any prior knowledge, Portuguese 1 is the right place for you.

Not sure where to start? 

  1. Test your level here first.
  2. Then enrol in a course which matches the entry level indicated by the test.
  3. During the first lesson, the teacher checks whether you were placed in the correct level. If your actual level is higher or lower than what the test indicated, the teacher will help you find a module which will suit you better.

Eager to know more? Click on a course.

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Are you a student of CVO Semper and would you like to practice the language even more with someone? Then join the taalTANDEM!